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Continuation of Trade #1 Day 2

Results of Passive Income: Trade Update………..

Ok the trade week has ended. The SPY/SPX do not trade over the weekend. Below are my results so far of the trade I told you about earlier this week. The white me circles in the left show you how much I have earned so far. Which is the difference of the Net Liq. in the original picture minus the Net Liq. In this picture. Therefore I have earned $392 so far doing ABSOULUTELY NOTHING((Except Apply Some Simple Math)!!!

The bottom part shows the probability of the trade staying in this range based on the dates. To the bottom left it shows that I have a 99.39% chance of collecting the max money by the end of this trade on June 23rd. When you look further to the bottom right it shows 91.54% chance of collecting max money on July 23rd. As the dates go by you will be able to see my expiration dates with the probability of me collecting the max money by the end of my trade. Any questions?

The information on this post is based on my own experience and opinion and should not be treated as investment advice. There is no warranties expressed or implied as to accuracy, completeness, or results obtained from any information presented on this post and it’s accompanying materials.

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