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I was a Chapter 220 student. This meant I was bussed from my neighborhood to suburban schools that were a different world from my home in Milwaukee’s 53206 zip code, the most incarcerated zip code in the world—in 2016, 62 percent of Black men there were or had been incarcerated. The racial and financial inequities I experienced in my school years have influenced me both personally and professionally. I was the math supervisor for St. Paul Public Schools from 2017-2022.  I oversaw curriculum and instruction for 3,000 teachers and over 37,000 students.  Student demographics were 31% Asian, 26% Black, 21% White, 14% Latino, 1% Indigenous, and 7% ethnically mixed.  I tried many things in St. Paul to improve student learning: tracking, 5 Easy Steps, mastering math fluency, professional learning communities, and purchasing new curriculum. I was still not seeing high student growth and proficiency.

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